It was December 2001, and because of the nightmare of 9/11 I’ve thrown out my idea for a travel show and instead have decided to go with cooking. So I hired a guy to shoot and edit my demo. And I apologize for the poor quality:

  • The really shaky camera.  I wanted the guy to shoot it handheld, but at times it looks like he was holding the camera during an earthquake
  • I rarely smile - maybe a quick one or two but generally I just look pissed off
  • Watch for his shadow on the cupboards, generally not a good thing to see the camera person's shadow
  • Out the window above the sink, you’ll see a stand holding a black curtain thing.  It’s to keep unwanted light out, and you were not meant to see it

And even though it pains me a bit to watch it now, at the time it was my Godfather, my own cinematic masterpiece.  And the most important thing to remember – it got me on TV.