So you found a typ0.

Did I tell you to put 3 cubs in the recipe? I probably meant 3 cups.

It’s a new site, and unfortunately there are going to be some mistakes. We tried to catch 'em all, but they still slip through. So if you see something odd like a typo, or a picture with the wrong recipe - let me know by filling out the form below. And I’ll pick 1 winner a month for the first six months (Jan 1 - June 30) of 2024. If you win, I’ll have my people email your people - and we'll send you my favorite knife, the Nakiri.


  • Send as many as you find. Just make them legit fixes. The more you find, the better the odds.

  • Describe what’s wrong and where it is on the page... any info that helps me fix it quick, so I can get back to cooking. 

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