after a couple shows aired that I shot in my new backyard, I quickly got requests for pics – so here you go.

Our days of needing open space for little kids is over, and now it’s our turn – yay… I mean oh darn. With the help of System Pavers we built a tremendous island & pergola that has a round Evo (flat top) Grill, a Caliber Grill with a disappearing lid and a Perlick under-counter ice maker & fridge.  BOOM!


And finally,  tying everything together out there is the ridiculously hip furniture from Babmar Outdoor Furniture. The stools, dining table/chairs and sofa have turned the backyard into what feels like a cool hotel roof top bar.


This all works of course because I live in San Diego where if you build it, you will use it... because you can. We live life outside almost as much as life inside. If you’ve been thinking about doing something outside (no matter how large or small) and need some encouragement – here you go:

Just fricking do it - you’ll be so glad you did. 




We thought it would be fun to document the buildout of the kitchen by creating a short time lapse.  So we took one picture every 3 minutes during the construction, and here's the result.